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Hello everyone,

This is a simple handson task to understand VPC endpoint.

So, let’s begin with the necessity of a VPC end point and what it is exactly.

VPC endpoint is an AWS resource that helps us access public resources like S3, dynamoDB etc. securely via AWS network, instead of going via internet. Coming to why we would need that, there may be resources in AWS that are not exposed to internet; like an EC2 instance in a private subnet without having access to the internet. In such cases accessing the public resources is not possible. And thus was born…

"The keystore is a file used by an application server to store its private key and site certificate."

So, do you mean keystore is used by a site to display its own validity to anyone trying to connect to it via SSL?

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What are S3 presigned URLs?

S3 presigned URLs are pre-authenticated URLs granting user access to the objects stored in S3.

Users will inherit the permissions of the person who is generating the presigned URL

Why is it needed?

Temporarily allow user to upload/download objects from S3. eg: premium videos that should be accessible for a stipulated time

Understanding S3 presigned URLs from AWS console

I just uploaded an image onto my S3 bucket and this is not public by default:


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